If you were to invent for academics, how would it work? It would allow for bookmarking, tagging, and sharing. It would pull metadata from academic resource databases. It would allow me (the layprof) to organize collected essays and citations with a minimum of clickage. And it would do all … Continue reading

Looming clouds

Last summer (yes it was once summer) I wrote a bit about TagCloud — a nifty folksonomy visualization tool. When the MetaMuser mentioned this app recently, I took another look and decided to see how websites I visit might cloud together. Which is a convoluted way of announcing ClayfoxClouds – … Continue reading


Folksonomy meets RSS: TagCloud. Yes I know: ‘folksonomy’ is a particularly hideous neologism – it basically means metadata assigned by a non-hierarchical community. D-Lib let the word rattle and clunk around a rundown of ‘social bookmarking tools’ in April. Ever since it’s been nagging me – it’s just too unholy … Continue reading