A dying profession

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Time rendered moot

Are you partial to absurd lists? So is Time Magazine! This bastion of old media has been developing a “World’s Most Influential” franchise over the past few years, addressing or cultivating some mysterious need to rank Vladimir Putin against Miley Cyrus on a fuzzy scale of “influence.” You can watch … Continue reading

Scribbling on video

Participatory is the lodestare for those trying to steer the social networking juggernaut towards actual improvement of education. As described in Henry Jenkins’s Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century (a white paper on the MacArthur Digital Media Learning site), participatory culture is our technologically-delivered … Continue reading

MySpace invaders

Music promoters, child molesters, and now this. Rupert Murdoch’s social networking colonization, MySpace, is starting to be infiltrated by yet another band of predators. They tend to be around ninety years old, and most of them claim to be female. That ‘friend’ your sullen teen is busily adding to her … Continue reading

I did my part

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In the meantime

It occurs to me that I haven’t highlighted pictures snapped along the way lately, and that’s just not right – it’s been a vivid if peripatetic season. Ranging over the last two months and stepping backwards chronologically, I’ve been most thankful for San Francisco: …after drinking up kulcha at the … Continue reading