New playpen

I just installed a MediaWiki 1.4.7 package on Clayfox’s shared Unix box. It actually wasn’t such an ordeal, even for a non-techie. But its coding conventions and image processing are just different enough from SnipSnap to make me wade around through what seems like endless documentation. Whatever doesn’t bore me … Continue reading

Visualizing wikis: History Flow

It’s all in the visualization. When I describe wikis to someone still grappling with the oddness of the word ‘wiki’, my description inevitably kicks into abstractions about joint authoring, organic development, networked interactivity. What is likely to lodge, in an innocent auditor’s mind, is an amorphous sense of wide-open vulnerability: … Continue reading


Folksonomy meets RSS: TagCloud. Yes I know: ‘folksonomy’ is a particularly hideous neologism – it basically means metadata assigned by a non-hierarchical community. D-Lib let the word rattle and clunk around a rundown of ‘social bookmarking tools’ in April. Ever since it’s been nagging me – it’s just too unholy … Continue reading

Spring changes

Thanks for coming by; please excuse the transience. It’s spring, and Clayfox is in an awkward budding stage. It’s getting a WordPress overhaul, in fact. Several years ago I half-heartedly launched a blog here, but couldn’t overcome shyness & deference & the funk of who-really-cares. What’s different now? Sexier, open-source … Continue reading