Internet flooded with maps of the internet

Kevin Kelley, Wired Magazine “Senior Maverick” or something like that – & spawner of any number of trendy Pacifica insights – invites you to map the internet! Go ahead, you live with it enough, it’s changed your life — now render its landscape. Only requirement: somewhere on the map, please designate your ‘home’.

Not surprisingly, if you visit the Internet mapping project, you’ll see that people tend to view the internet… differently. Some mappers note their age and number of hours on said internet, but flipping through the drawings I can’t quite discern trends based on these self-identifications. Well, maybe one: the 40-somethings seem quick to reach for cosmic imagery.

But this just in: an Argentinian professor has already embarked on a taxonomy of these maps! That’s right, she’s mapping the maps. So now my map of the internet looks like one giant mirror.

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