2 Library 2.0 lists

Small pieces, loosely joined: is it any wonder that 2.0talk clumps into lists? I won’t embark on a whole metalist, but here, at least, are a couple of Library 2.0 itemizations I enjoyed today, garnished with a few glib comments.

1 Taking advantage of Web and Library 2.0, by John Blyberg. Smoothly written and illustrated — takes a list generated by Dion Hinchcliffe and applies it to libraries.

  • Encourage Social Contributions With Individual Benefitall for me, me for all
  • Make Content Editable Whenever Possible – and yes, not just in some little playpen
  • Encourage Unintended Uses even for books?
  • Provide Continuous, Interactive User Experiences
  • Make Sure Your Site Offers Its Content as Feeds and/or Web services
  • Let Users Establish and Build On Their Reputations – hello, superpatron
  • Allow Low-Friction Enrichment of Your Information – but as for high-friction enrichment… build your own %^#* library
  • Give Users the Right To Remix – yes but beware ‘truthiness’
  • Reuse Other Services Aggressively – including lists…
  • Build Small Pieces, Loosely Joined – see Casey Bisson on a 2.0 Opac (or 2.Opac? toepack?)

2 Ten Techie Things for Librarians 2006, by Michael Stephens. Looser, sprawling entries — many emphasizing interactivity. Good intermixture of links.

  • User Centered Planning & User Perceptions – again, really they’re patrons
  • Building Resources & Comments Enabled – yes, right, why not try?
  • Open Source Software & Shared Development – but freedom ain’t free, of course
  • The Future of the ILS – tips to another Blyberg list, his ILS Customer Bill of Rights
  • Devices – you know, those little electronic communication thingies that users patrons obligingly tote
  • Electronic Resource Management & DRM – you know, those little electronic dis-communication thingies that thugs content providers relentlessly embed
  • Mash Ups & Playlists – more fun with APIs
  • Content & Experienceteen creators, Generation C, whatever you call them, when they make they wake
  • Web 2.0 – uh, right, see above
  • Librarians & the Heart – I think this has to do with personality, actually
  • Bonus: Balance, Breathing and Being Zen – hey, breathing’s interactive too

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