So we gather

Fresh outta Norway, here’s an intriguing marriage of wikis, folksonomy, and metadata harvesting: meet Collib, an experiment launched by a student at the University of Tromsø.

The idea here: records are harvested from OAI-PMH-compliant repositories and brought into the wiki. Users – now end-users of these records – then ‘tag’ them in the wiki. Presumably, discussion can ensue – though in my tour of the wiki today, I’m not seeing such discussion.

Let’s take a peek at a tagged record:

Collib tagged record

The record is in the middle of the screen, and Collib user tagging is on the right. Note that further tagging is always possible, ala Flickr. The original record and other indexing services are also linked (no guarantees, though, that you’ll find the item actually indexed elsewhere).

In the nav bar on the left: “Untagged records” are helpfully grouped together, awaiting end-user angels to tag them. The relationship of “Subjects” and “categories” is a bit of mystery to me. And I wonder who gets to stipulate which repositories are being harvested.

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