The Chronicle, 7/15/2005: Romantic Poetry Meets 21st-Century Technology

This week’s Chronicle of Higher Education writes up RAP. A relatively thorough treatment – kicks off with “dumb luck” and goes from there.

There’s a little discussion board accompanying the article. My favorite post so far: ‘English prof’ writes: “As for, ‘And some enthusiasts say that the technology can actually change students’ writing for the better, by encouraging them to swap ideas with their classmates and to revise their work continually’ — we can do that sitting around a table together, talking, and having lemonade.”

Ahh, sweet cold lemonade. The impeccable drink…

Her lover brings the lemonade, she sips;
She then surveys, condemns, but pities still
Her dearest friends for being dress’d so ill.
Beppo LXV

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