Carpe diem

Stray visitors may be forgiven for wondering what *did* happen during 2011: was disaster adverted? Is he alive, and if so did he have a thought? So: yes, yes, and yes; chalk up this still interlude to blogger’s block, pithier observation-release venues, and — most of all — the day … Continue reading

Going native

At work today: one of our periodic, inevitable, spirited conversations about the oft-ridiculed yet oft-cited notion of a “digital native.” We revisited Marc Prensky’s 2001 framing of such (first hit on Google, for all you “digital natives” searching for yourselves) called “Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants” — a piece festooned … Continue reading

Reflections on the OVC

By now I’m something of a conference veteran, or, to be more precise, a repeat flâneur at a variety of conferences. Usually I’m presenting at these gatherings, but rarely do I feel like a true member of the community of academics, lawyers, technologists, or administrators that I happen to be … Continue reading