Carpe diem

Stray visitors may be forgiven for wondering what *did* happen during 2011: was disaster adverted? Is he alive, and if so did he have a thought? So: yes, yes, and yes; chalk up this still interlude to blogger’s block, pithier observation-release venues, and — most of all — the day … Continue reading

Best of luck

This video has nothing directly to do with education or libraries or technology or anything else I usually prattle on about here. But as we post another lap around the track, I think we can all derive inspiration from it — whatever we’re doing to stave off ruin. Happy New … Continue reading

Drawing you in

Looking for a way to give your pet theory some legs on the internet? The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) in the UK has an idea. Actually the RSA has had many, many ideas over its 250 years of promoting “a progressive, inclusive and … Continue reading

Going native

At work today: one of our periodic, inevitable, spirited conversations about the oft-ridiculed yet oft-cited notion of a “digital native.” We revisited Marc Prensky’s 2001 framing of such (first hit on Google, for all you “digital natives” searching for yourselves) called “Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants” — a piece festooned … Continue reading

Reflections on the OVC

By now I’m something of a conference veteran, or, to be more precise, a repeat flâneur at a variety of conferences. Usually I’m presenting at these gatherings, but rarely do I feel like a true member of the community of academics, lawyers, technologists, or administrators that I happen to be … Continue reading